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Rap Fame is an app where everyone can try being a rapper. Rap Fame users express themselves through their music, rap, collabs & battles. These brief guidelines explain what it means to be a Rap Fame User and how you can keep the Rap Fame Community cool and fair.


Record tracks, hold rap battles and participate in weekly tournaments. Hone your rap skills such as rhyming, rhythm, delivery and flow. Pro tip: post your first track or battle to start growing your fan base.

Build your rap career and earn crowns (respect points). Your profile and rap career are good starting points on Rap Fame. Follow all the steps from Rookie to King of the Streets. Make sure you have a full and interesting profile so that other rappers can easily connect with you.

Be respectful to users, your battle opponents and administrators. While we understand that battle rap involves insults, we urge you to respect others and not descend to harassing and bullying. Instead, direct your creativity towards making intricate punchlines, clever metaphors or word play.

Get feedback on your music. Like and comment on tracks, battles and videos. Our most popular users agree that Rap Fame is the greatest place to receive feedback and discover your true rap style. Feel free to ask for feedback in public chat.

Use fair promotion methods on Rap Fame. These methods include participating in tournaments, sending tracks to HOT and promoting your music in public chat. Do not spam others in private messages, do not post spam comments under others’ tracks and refrain from like4like and vote4vote schemes.

Report inappropriate behavior and content. Send as much evidence as you can to help resolve the situation (screenshots, etc). Keep Rap Fame cool by letting us know when something violates the rules. To report a track, a battle or a user, tap the three dots next to the trackand click “Report.”


Rap Fame users get penalized for the following behavior:

  • posting pornographic content
  • revealing other users’ private information
  • impersonating other users
  • posting someone else’s content and/or copyrighted content
  • posting spam
  • posting misleading and false information
  • harassing and bullying other users and Rap Fame Team
  • other inappropriate behaviour

The penalty depends on how serious the offense was and can vary from a ban on commenting in public chat for 12 hours to a permanent suspension of the account.

If you feel that someone is harassing you, please report it immediately. You can also block bullies; the user won’t be able to send you messages, mention you or challenge you to battle.

I suspect someone is shade voting, creating fake accounts, cheating and other inappropriate behavior

Please send the screenshots with evidence and your observations to

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