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Account and Password

I forgot my password.

Please use the option Forgot Password to retrieve access to your account.

If you registered via Facebook or Gmail – use them to log in.

Still having trouble signing in? Get in touch with us at support@raptech.co

I did not receive a verification link for my account.

To get verification link again please go to Settings on the app and choose “Resend verification link”.

How do I activate my account?

In order to activate your account you have to go to your email and press Activation link on the email you received from Rap Fame. You may need to check the Spam folder as well.

If you used an invalid email, you can change your email on the Profile Edit screen.

How many accounts can I register?

Only one account per user is allowed. Having other accounts may be interpreted as cheating. We will take measures to penalize this behaviour.

I can’t sign up.

Make sure you haven’t registered in the app before. Maximum 1 registration per device.

If you have never registered on the app and still have trouble signing up, please contact us at support@raptech.co.

We kindly ask you to include the text of an error you get and a screenshot. It should help us to resolve the situation.

I want to delete a profile.

To delete your account, go to Settings-> Privacy Center and choose the option Delete Account. When you delete your account, all your tracks and battles will be lost forever without the option to retrieve them.

I want to replace my old account and create a new one.

Only one account per user is allowed. Having other accounts may be interpreted as cheating. We will take measures to penalize this behaviour.

Can I switch between regions on Rap Fame?

Switching between regions is no longer possible on Rap Fame.

I invited my friends and did not get benjis.

Make sure your friends downloaded the app and registered via your link. If they did so, please send us an email to support@raptech.co with your @username, as well as your friends’ @usernames on the app.

Tracks and Battles

I want to save my tracks to my phone’s memory.

All you need to do is:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click under your track or battle on the 3 dots icon
  • Select option “Save to device” (or “Save to Files” on iPhone)

I want to share my tracks and battles with friends.

The steps are really simple. All you need to do is:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click under your track or battle on Share button
  • Send a link to your friends

I want to delete a track.

To delete a track just press the 3 dots menu under it on your profile and choose Delete.

If you delete a track, you will lose crowns earned with this track.

I want to delete a battle.

You can hide battles from your profile. SImply use the Hide option under the battle. However, to keep the game fair, the rating of your opponent should remain the same even if you hide the battle from your profile.

Subscription and Purchases

How do I get Benjis?

You can earn or buy Benjis.

To earn Benjis:

  • 5 for daily usage of the Rap Fame app
  • 100 Benjis: Invite your friends via Menu->Invite friends. Each registered friend will bring you 100 Benjis.

To buy Benjis go to Rap Fame shop by pressing the Benjis icon in the top right corner of the app.

My premium subscription did not renew but I paid for it.

Press Synch purchases on Menu-> Settings. If that doesn’t help, send an email to support@raptech.co and include your @username on the app.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel the subscription go to Google Play or App store and cancel it there.

We do not handle the money transactions ourselves, everything runs through Apple and Google.

Other Issues

How do I become a Rap Fame Ambassador?

Contact the Rap Fame team at support@raptech.co. Mention your username on the app and describe in detail how you can help promote Rap Fame and grow our community.

How can I get on the HOT feed?

You can send a track or battle to HOT with your Benjis or by doing an in-app purchase.

What is a Featured Track? 

The Rap Fame team reviews all tracks, battles, and videos on the app. The best ones are tagged as Featured and appear on the HOT feed.

How can I get my track featured on the app?

To get Featured your tracks should have a high quality of recording, content, flow & feedback(plays, likes, comments).

How can I get featured on Instagram?

To get featured on Instagram your track should be featured on the app. You should also have a good and clear photo of yours in the Photos section or as a track cover which we can use for the Instagram post.

What is a Rookie tag?

We listen to all the tracks of new users and mark the best ones with a Rookie tag.

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